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Key Features

Case Management: CONNECT ACM provides an easy and intuitive interface to track cases and improve productivity and communication. It effectively allows the user to:

  • Categorize a case based on Category/Subcategory, Priority, Status, Assigned User etc.
  • Enter unlimited and indexed case notes.
  • Assign Resolution Codes.
  • Group and link multiple cases for easy tracking across multiple constituent records.
  • Schedule cases for follow-up actions
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail on a case.
  • Format and generate MS Word letter documents both on an individual and bulk mode basis.
  • Format and send Emails both on an individual and bulk mode basis.
  • Browse an easy and customizable view for Last Updated cases and Scheduled for follow-up cases.
  • Constituent Record Management: Comprehensive data fields are provided to record constituent information such as:
  • Residential and Mailing Address
  • Gender and Date of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Group and link constituents via Affiliations
  • Group constituent based on household information
  • Bookmark constituent records for easy recalling
  • Contact information including Phone, Work Phone, Fax, Email etc.

Comprehensive Search and Reporting Capabilities: Search the database using all available fields for:

  • Constituents
  • Cases
  • Letters
  • Emails

Manipulate returned search results in bulk mode by:

  • Creating and Updating Cases
  • Creating Letters
  • Creating and sending Emails
  • Exporting to MS Excel format

Workflow flexibility and customization: CONNECT ACM provides the user with a detailed and complete Administration Interface to fully customize both the workflow of the processes and the user experience. ACM offers the ability to manage globally across all users:

  • Users and User permissions
  • Categories/Subcategories
  • Letter and Email Templates
  • Constituent Affiliations
  • Resolution Codes
  • Case Common Codes etc.

In addition, individual users can further customize the application to enhance the user experience by selecting default views and values across the whole application.

Data Security and Availability: ACM exercises industry standard security features such as User Password Policy, Session Variables etc.

Data is backed up on a rigorous schedule and the disaster recovery model is optimized to minimize user impact.

Maintenance-free: ACM operates on a maintenance-free user environment:

  • There is no software to install
  • There is no hardware to maintain
  • There is no need to involve IT resources
Technological and Framework Details

Microsoft SQL Server – ACM uses the latest and leading database solution in the enterprise market for data warehousing. It makes full use of SQL Server’s industry standard features such as speed, scalability, backup options etc.

Microsoft IIS 6.0 – ACM relies on the most used web application infrastructure in the industry to maximize throughput and security.

Microsoft ASP – As the most widely used, and arguably the most secure server scripting framework, ASP was utilized to develop the web pages of ACM.

Microsoft Internet Explorer – IE is the standard across the web and the browser of choice for more than 80% of Internet users. ACM relies on IE’s fast rendering technology to enhance the user experience. 

System Requirements

As a web application, ACM has very minimal requirements.

• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
• Minimum of 256 MB of system memory
• Internet Explorer 5.5+

30-Day Free Trial

N2 Innovations is offering new customers the option of using a fully-functional version of CONNECT ACM free for 30 days.

To learn more or to sign up for the free trial, call 617-227-8080 or email us.

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